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WonderCon 2012 Coverage

by Dasuken Revolver

Not long ago we launched our new Youtube channel, MochiBytesTV. And just in time to film a cosplay video at WonderCon 2012!

I took my brand new DIY silver flyer steadicam rig (find on youtube) to the con to make a video following my inspiration, Acksonl. Using a steadicam is no easy task, but at a cost of 40 bucks to make and only a few hours of contstruction, it’s pretty rad. I’ll certainly be experimenting and tweaking it for better results in the future.

Still, it was really fun to use. A number of people would talk to me asking what the rig was exactly. Famous Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum clowned me in front of thousands of people at the 21 Jump Street Panel, and I was known throughout the rest of the weekend as the guy with the sex toy device. o _O I wasn’t bothered. I enjoyed the joke and notoriety. LOL

skip to 5:40 to see me being clowned.

I can’t stress enough how grateful I am to the cosplayers agreeing to my video on the spot. Some of them were weirded out and uncertain of my request, demonstrating that comic cons aren’t as used to the steadi-cam thing as anime cons now are. And that just made me wonder if videography happens much at all for cosplayers in Japan. I need to research!

I really love when costumers got into character and did skits for me like the people in LOZ cosplay, and Catwoman and Canary. What you see is probably less than half of the videos/cosplays I recorded. I wish I could have fit everyone…

I also debuted a cosplay myself! I was a very rare cosplay and it was a big hit. And I scared many little children, which is not a first for me. Can you guess who I am? Some people at WonderCon got it wrong! Here’s a hint. I’m a fighter! Abandon all hope!

I entered the Marvel Costume Contest last minute!

Overall it was an amazing American Con experience where I cosplayed, hung out with old and new friends, nerded out, videographed, networked with other cosplayers, and scared tiny children. It was a blast being the Super Skrull. But so painful. Learned many lessons for my next cosplay adventure. The End

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