Con Report: MTAC 2012

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by Julia Daugherty

Getting this con report about a month late to you all been super busy getting art done for upcoming cons and events! Sorry!  Middle TN Anime Convention (MTAC) is my home convention, I have been to it now 7 years in a row.  I am currently a lowly staff member helping run the Chibi Corner a room for children that attend the con to play and do crafts.  I mainly do art for chibi corner, such as draw up coloring pages, and do little art classes for the kids.  Since I am on staff I do work alot of the day during the con, so I do miss out on some of the events and cosplayers.  I have gotten a congoer to also write a report so I can get you all also a view from a congoer, since mine will definitely be more on a staff/working point of view. I will be posting his report after mine, so comeback to see his report!
Well on to my con experience….

I got to the Con hotel Thursday night around midnight after working late at work, was so excited the hotel this year was HUGE and seriously needed for the past 2-3 years the con had been overcrowded to the point of needing people to direct traffic in the hallways.  Got a good nights rest (seriously was needed for upcoming weekend, haha).

Wake up bright and early, because not only do I have to work I also was a part of the Symphonic Anime Orchestra (SAO).  Which every morning had practice at about 9am, Friday it ran for about 4-5 hours.  What is so cool about SAO is that everyone who signs up gets music (all video game and anime related!) a couple of months in advance to start practicing.  So, by the time the con is here everyone plays together for the first time at the con.  I played once before with them at A-kon! in Dallas, TX last year. (I was actually the one who recommended them to come to MTAC)  I was uber excited about a song called “Sax Quartet” from Cowboy Bebop, the director had written it for me (alto Sax) and three other saxes, I was so pumped….it was insanely hard but I practiced it like crazy! (I even planned a Faye Valentine cosplay for the concert!) But of course 2 of the other saxes didn’t show up for SAO….so we had to scrap the piece for the concert….I think this was my only disapointment for the weekend.
DSC_0216 julia d digital copy
I cosplayed as Fionna from Adventure Time for Friday.

After practice I went to work for what time was left in Chibi corner, all the kids seriously adorable!  There was a little Toad from Mario Cosplayer, and his sister was the little girl from totoro….they were fun to do crafts with.


Once I did my duties for the day I got to roam the halls, check the dealers room, hang with friends….the rest of the night was a heck alot of fun, well for the most part elevators were so stuffed they made me a little queasy….luckily we were only on the 5th floor (out of like 25) so I used stairs for pretty much the rest of the con.

Saturday another bright and early morning, I adorned my Chrono from Chrono Crusade Cosplay.
DSC_0593 julia d digital copy
Practice went just as well, and wasn’t as long as friday’s practice…we finally started getting into the music as a group we really were feeling it all coming together.

Chibi Corner work again after band practice, again we had a great turnout of children…some had returned that were there the day before.  We also had sign ups for kid cosplayers, which I really wish would have been advertised more. I would have liked more advertisement  for the contest because later that evening we got the prizes together and went to the main events room to get ready for the contest (ours went on before the main cosplay contest), there were only two children groups entered.  So hopefully more will enter in years to come, saw so many great children cosplayers, just none of them showed for the contest!

After leaving the stage for the contest, I decided to meet up with my boyfriend and go to the dealers room which had an hour left before it closed for the night.  I bought alot of merch….well more then I usually do.  I got some awesome posters for $2 each which will decorate my apartment walls when I move in August for school, an adorable Llama plushie in a grab bag with some other awesome items, all this came with an adorable wallscroll, and other odds and ends items.

Only thing annoying about Saturday night is some of the drunk people…..I kept being swamped by groups of drunk guys that wouldn’t leave me alone about going to the rave or hanging out and drinking….finally found friends to help me escape from the sharks….lol.

Rest of the night consisted of the normal for me at cons, just chilling around the con talking with everyone, taking photos, eating out at logans, and having tons of fun.

DSC_0728 digicopy
Sunday I cosplayed Faye Valentine from Cowboy Bebop.

SAO practice came and went, all went wonderfully.  Played with kids for the last few hours of Chibi Corner, then helped close it all down.  Rushed to main event room to preform for the SAO concert, My favorite song to preform was the Legend of Zelda theme! Here you can listen to our performance!

Here is a link to the playlist of all the songs we played for the concert for anyone interested!
SAO MTAC 2012 Playlist

After the concert was the Closing Ceremonies, there we got the announcement for the next cons theme by AMV (this is MTAC tradition) it will all be Oni and occult next year….we are sticking with the darker themes lately it seems lol.
Well that pretty much sums up my MTAC this year!

Curious about MTAC? Here’s their website 

And maybe I’ll see ya next year!

Here is a few more photos from Chibi Corner and some cool cosplays I saw during the weekend.


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